Some question about lolita fashion

lolita dressWhat is lolita?

There have some people think only if you wearing the black white coat and the Pompon skirt, then it is the lolita. And at the same time, there are also some other people thinl lolita not only the costume and makeup. It really one spirt, represent that ignore the roles of the world, and built their own regulation. Basiclly, the lolita style is originate from the european court costume, now the lolita dress have already become one mainstream in Japan, and it also spread to other countries.

What the category of the lolita dress

1 sweet love lolita, these lolita mainly adopt the pink, powerblue and white colour as the basic tone, and use a slew of lace to express the sweet and romantic feelings as the doll.

2 elegant gothic lolita, the essential colour is the black and white, its character primarily to express the terror and death feelings. It is the favor of the western lolita girls. Usually the accessories match the lolita dress have the cross, black nails and eye shadow, the gothic lolita is full of mysiterious character.

3 classic lolita, these lolita dress is similar to the sweet love, but in the selection of colour is usually adopt the contracted colour, and the lace is fewer than the sweet lolita. And ecpect this, the falbala is the biggest character of the lolita dress.

The lolita is not equate to the cosplay

The lolita dress is one costume fashion, and the cosplay is one roll play activity, they are not the same. Actually, the produce of the misunderstand is due to that there are many cartoon roll wearing the lolita clothing, and many of the rolls are very welcomed,, so there maybe some people confuse the lolita and the cosplay.

Some new style classic lolita dress

Because of yesterday’s things i have review our commodities once more, as i found the mistake, at the same time i also found some pretty new style lolita dress, so i post them here, and also hope that if you also know some new style lolita dresses you could talk with me. The classic lolita dress could said be the lowest key of all the lolita style. It do not have the magnificent colors, and also do not have the complicated styles, but the classic lolita dress have its own character that could make people caught in it, the light color and the simple design give people one comfortable and tender feelings.

The first one must the alternative of the classic lolita dress,it have one aulic costume of the Victorian era, the lenient pompon skirt, and the folds of falbala, all these are the elements of the improvement of imperial costume. As we know the lolita dress itself traceable the imperial costume, and add some modern elements in it, however, the classic lolita dress could said be the most vintage clothing of the lolita style, such as this one. This dress adopt the narrow straps design, and use the ruga in the bosom, this doing could make the dress very comfortable, and it also increase the sexy index. The big bow add the cute feeling of this classic loltia dress. So it is one very good clothing, if you like, don’t miss it.

With the approach of spring, the tartan design also become very hot. As we know the tartan design could said be one classic topic in fashion industry. Every year you could say all kinds of tartan design commodities full of the market. So as the top fashion, the lolita dress type could not miss this element. The classic lolita dress that i recommend to you is adopt the chequered pattern, and use the cotton fabric, this design could make the dress very youthful. And the black bow collet the waistband could make the dress more special, this classic lolita dress is the best costume for spring.