The Unsual Lolita dresses styles

Kuro Lolita

Kuro lolita

Kuro lolita could also called be the black lolita, it could be said the antonym of the Shiro lolita. So we can guess the kuro lolita require wearing the only black lolita dress and black accessories. However in the styles and designs the kuro lolita dress also follow other lolita styles, such as the puff sleeve, pompon skirts ect.

Country lolita

Country lolita

The country lolita was derived from the classic lolita style and classic loltia style. In color, it mentally adopt the bright color, and add some calico or the berry patterns. It is easy to mix up the sweet lolita style and country lolita style only in design and color, so you could distinct them from the pattern. The country lolita style often use the fruit and gingham patterns. And as i said the country lolita also seems like the classic loltia because of the style, the country lolita often use a modest, simple but elegant designs.

Sailor lolita

Sailor lolita is one very lovely and youthful style. It combine the lolita style and the sailor uniforms styles, so besides the lolita’s sweet and cute feeling, it also contain the students’ vibrant feeling. The sailor lolita often adopts the sailor collars, the dark blue and white color. Besides, it also often adopt the nautical motifs, the anchor and wheel patterns.

Guro lolita

Guro lolita also called the “gore lolita”, it is one very popular lolita styles. The guro lolita often match the bandages, some blood splatters and sling. The guro lolita is try to achieve the “broken-doll” appearance, it is also express the bloodcurdling feeling same like the gothic lolita style. However, the guro lolita is more highlight the bloody and horrific feeling. The guro loltia often adopt the white or black color, and blood splatters. But the guro lolita have some requirement, such as the it was not acceptable for some serious and formal occasions, such as the tea-parties.