Guro lolita and Qi Lolita Recommendation

Guro lolita (aka Grotesque Lolita) is gaining recognition mainly through art and photography. Medical fetish is popular in Japan and Guro lolitas look like broken dolls, wearing slings, bandages, eyepatches, plasters and other medical accessories – often made more realistic with fake blood. Most look like either a nurse or a patient though still keeping an endearing look – as opposed to an extra in a horror film! If you are intending to work this look, frills and long “will you mend me?” eyelashes are very important!

UK model Sohuiii, (pictured) is known for her trademark gurololita-themed photoshoots. She says: “I’d suggest bandages, fake blood, eyepatches and a white outfit (though that’s just a personal preference). Red crosses (especially for accessories) and white and red coordinates are great. I really love how you can add fetish elements to this genre of Lolita such as latex (if it’s done tastefully).”

Oriental/ Qi-Lolita
The style takes traditional Japanese clothing like the kimono and obi-belt (a thick belt around the waist, with a huge bow at the back) or Chinese brocade dresses (Qi-Lolita), and makes them into lolita staple items.
It is not very common in the UK and an option would be to team a brocade top with a full skirt, or add an obi-belt and oriental accessories to a Sweet Lolita outfit. It is rarely done well as most lolita outfits have a different shape to traditional oriental clothing, but the look is very beautiful when it is achieved.