Distinguish Between Western and eastern lolita

The develop of lolita style in westeren and eastern is complete different, it is because of the disparate cognition of lolita. The westerner think the lolita girls could be wearing the miniskirts, the rip make up but keep the young girl bang, the totally style should be the feeling that the young girl express the woman’s sexy, charming, seductive temperament, all these come from the phototyle of the novel, she use her naive and libertine smile tempt people. The another character of lolita style in weastern is come form one product Emily strange of new costume brand Cosmicdebris. Rob Reger design one treason girl named Emily who have a black hair and orderly bang at 1992, at that time, Emily is 13 years old, she have the glamour mix the girls naive and woman’s sexy, in the whole design, it only have the red and black tone, simple and classical. The progress of western lolita come from the relize of the novel, that is one style mix the fashion and modern element, but it not have one certain modeling.

Although the lolita come from the west, the the true lolita style was creat by oriental. The lolita image talked by westerner is very different in oriental hearts. The eastern lolita style comes from Japan show its very bright character, it is similar to the court doll costume, it adopt a sew of lace, ribbon, tom fool knot and corset design. These style could owe to the japanese famous cartoonist Maki Kuaumoto, what she creat in eighties, 20th century < Kissxxxx >, one of the heroine was wearing like one doll, and the popular of this cartoon mak many artist adopt this style. And the representative figure is Mana, and he is also the soul of the Malice Mizer, and he also the frist one who put forward the word “elegant gothic lolita” formally. In 1993, Mana open his Gothic&Lolita apparel shop “Moi-même-Moitié”, then it leading the fahion of lolita, now in japanese street, you could see the lolita girls anywhere, they have curly hair, wearing the black and white or the pink tone lolita dress, chopine. As the development of the society fashion, the lolita style was accept by mainstream culture, now it is become more and more popular around the world.

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