Do you wanna be the Lolita or the Muse

Muse is the godness who administ the music and christian literature in Greek mythology. She is so different from the lolita mixed the naive and sexy. There maybe some friends don’t know why compare them, the so different images, of course, I just want to talk about out fashion style, simplely say, godness or the little princess, which you like better?

Lolita—— acting young is the truth.

Actually, “feminization” is one word did not have concrete concept, and the feminization of “lolita” just own the sexy of young girls and mix the sly of little coquette. Up to a point, the woman did not have the “lolita” complex is like the over matured fruit, losing its sentimental charming. So , those lace dress dotted with black and white dot, and the prethoracic banbage take us to our ignorant years. it is not actting young deeply, but the best award to ourselves, who don’t want to back to our best years. So lolita dress allowed us to live in the unreality world, and give us one wonderful dream. So the lolita fashion begin to spread wantonly. Now in japanese street, there are 3 different lolita fashion, one sweet and lovely style, it adopt a slew of lace, drape, and make up as the doll. One is the gothic style, this one is very popular in western, it takes the black tone as the major, full of the death terror and elegant, match the black nail polish and lipstick, creat the decadent character. The third one the classic lolita dress, it is the simplest style, it usually adopt the falbala, and express its purity feeling though the shivering images and pink tone.

Muse—–cougar in power.

Muse is not the sexy godness, her sexy coming from her inner mature, intellectuality and mysterious charming, it is low-pitched, and natural. The young girl could not use the words “exceedingly fascinating and charming” to describe. The elegant and classical also the high-light  in fashion industry during these years. So how can we miss the “Muse godness”. The cougar is natural and graceful, they are interprete the most classic image of the fashion.

So both of them is the most fashionable dress in currently, no matter you like which, you could try!

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