Some unusual lolita styles

We all know that the lolita dress fashion was usually divided into three styles, the sweet lolita, gothic lolita and classic lolita. But as the development of the lolita fashion, the traditional classify could not satisfy people’s demand. And as more elements add to lolita styles, there appear more design. Of course, i was also not very familiar with these new styles, so I use some knowledge ( for reference.

Casual Lolita

You could guess the the meaning of this style just from the literally meaning, this style is more optional than the usually styles, it could said be that is just the daily costumes while add some lolita elements, such as the puff sleeve, or falbala ect. But in some details, it did not need so exquisite. Besides, the casual lolita dress also need not to match some very exaggerated accessories, after saw this, you could found that there is some simplicity lolita dresses that we could to to classify are the casual lolita.

Hime Lolita

Hime Lolita

The hime lolita also called the princess lolita, it is one very gorgeous and elegant style. In the workmanship, it is very particular about the detail, and strives to the reach to the “princess-look”. So in the accessory it usually matches the crowns, tiaras and the extravagant hair. And as to achieve to the princess appearance, so it usually adopts some traditional design, and the royalty feelings. This style is looks like the Victorian costume and rococo costume that we mentioned before.

Shiro Lolita

The shiro lolita also called the “white lolita”, just as its name implies, the shiro lolita style require to adopt wearing the white lolita dresses. But this lolita style also have one very strict requirement that it could not match some other color accessories, even the shoes, stocks.

The relationship of Cosplay and Lolita

lolita stylelolitaSomeone thinks cosplay is just Lolita, I can’t accept this view. I admit that they have similarities, but cosplay is different from Lolita. They are both originating in Japan and somewhat costume show.


Parasite eve cosplay

Cosplay is short for “costume play”. It main comes from amine, manga, comic, video game, TV game characters, people cosplay represents a specific character or idea. The person who cosplays we call “cosplayer”. Cosplayers dress in cosplay costume to portray their favorite characters. Costumes are expected to adhere meticulously to the attire known to be worn by the character represented.

Cosplay is hard than Lolita, it not only need dress in costumes by the character represented, it also need skill. Cosplayers must control the character’s inner activity. For example, if you want to take part in a D.Gray Man Lavi Rabi Cosplay,you must need  a D.Gray Man Lavi Rabi Cosplay costume, cosplay wig, and other accessories but these things are not  enough,you must learn the feature of Lavi Rabi, his hobby, his relationship, his  movement and so on, all these you must control ,then you will get a very perfect D.Gray Man Lavi Rabi Cosplay.


sweet lolita dress

Lolita is different from cosplay, it is to show self character, rather than play other charcters. Lolita is fashion and subculture in Japan it includes several subcategories. It has many styles: Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita and other styles.

Gothic Lolita style is usually a combination of black and white, often black with white lace and typically decorated with ribbons and lace trims. Skirts are knee length and may have a crinoline or petticoat to add volume. As in mainstream Japanese gothic lolita dress fashion, over-knee socks or stockings are extremely popular.

Sweet Lolita style is childish pastel-colored clothes, lots of lace and ribbons ,its main color is pink and white.

Classic Lolita style lassic Lolita styleGothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita is more traditional, light-colored, also more mature-looking, they most are black and white color.

In a word, cosplay and Lolita are both costume show, they have similarities and difference; they both have come a hot pastime activity, especially for young people.

Some question about lolita fashion

lolita dressWhat is lolita?

There have some people think only if you wearing the black white coat and the Pompon skirt, then it is the lolita. And at the same time, there are also some other people thinl lolita not only the costume and makeup. It really one spirt, represent that ignore the roles of the world, and built their own regulation. Basiclly, the lolita style is originate from the european court costume, now the lolita dress have already become one mainstream in Japan, and it also spread to other countries.

What the category of the lolita dress

1 sweet love lolita, these lolita mainly adopt the pink, powerblue and white colour as the basic tone, and use a slew of lace to express the sweet and romantic feelings as the doll.

2 elegant gothic lolita, the essential colour is the black and white, its character primarily to express the terror and death feelings. It is the favor of the western lolita girls. Usually the accessories match the lolita dress have the cross, black nails and eye shadow, the gothic lolita is full of mysiterious character.

3 classic lolita, these lolita dress is similar to the sweet love, but in the selection of colour is usually adopt the contracted colour, and the lace is fewer than the sweet lolita. And ecpect this, the falbala is the biggest character of the lolita dress.

The lolita is not equate to the cosplay

The lolita dress is one costume fashion, and the cosplay is one roll play activity, they are not the same. Actually, the produce of the misunderstand is due to that there are many cartoon roll wearing the lolita clothing, and many of the rolls are very welcomed,, so there maybe some people confuse the lolita and the cosplay.

Usual Lolita Style Summarize

gothic lolita styleGothic Lolita
Western Goth style (e.g. crucifixes, cameos, veils, velvet etc) is teamed with Sweet Lolita. Though Gothic Lolita make a similar silhouette to Sweet Lolitas, (full skirts and tight bodices), the colour schemes are different. Most outfits are black and white, although some wear other dark colours, for example red or purple. Many carry parasols or coffin-shaped bags and the look can range from being very Gothic (like a dead china doll) to a Sweet Lolita in a black outfit.
Make-up is often slightly heavier, with darker eyes and lips.Gothic Lolita clothing is not as difficult to find in the UK – Camden Town in London has some lolita shops and “Alt” shops often stock items.

sweet lolita style

Sweet Lolita
This is most popular in Japan and is the original lolita style. Outfits are heavily trimmed with lace, pleats or other intricate details and are almost always in bright or pastel colours – baby pink, baby blue and white are often seen.

Sweet Lolita often dress around a theme, for example the colours of cupcakes or fruit. For example: A strawberry-themed outfit might be a white dress with a strawberry pattern and lace around the collar, a straw hat and strawberry shaped accessories.

Hair is usually worn in ringlets or bunches, or a wig matching the outfit and make-up is usually minimal, for a young innocent look. Mary-Jane shoes with very high platforms are popular and Demonia (available in the UK) do a wide selection.

Punk Lolita
The difference between Punk/Alt and Punk/Alt Lolita is that the latter is very, very cute. Spikes, chains, fishnet, plaid, tartan, Doc Martens etc. are combined with a full skirt or bloomers and a lot of Sweet Lolita accessories.

An example of a Punk Lolita could be: Pink plaid bloomers, with a pink lacy top, pink and white Doc Martens with spikes attached and white lace accessories e.g. a choker and wristband with pink spikes. Big chunky boots work better than Mary Janes here and make-up can be heavy or totally natural.

This is a good style for people who are already alternative, as you could customise some of the clothes or accessories in your wardrobe.

classic lolita

Classic Lolita
Classic lolita is a slightly more mature version of lolita. It’s not quite aristo because the loli silhouette is still present, but there are fewer frills and it’s a lot less cutesy. Generally classic pieces are decorated with a few self-ruffles or some ribbons, but you won’t find yourself swimming in lace and large bows. Classic lolis tend to wear darker or more muted colors (as opposed to bright pink or blue) and floral prints are common as well but aren’t required for a classic outfit. What makes this style harder to distinguish is that it is right between sweet and gothic lolita – the dark reds and blues and even blacks can be confused for gothic style while the light florals make it look like sweet. What separates it from both is that it relies on an elegant cut or print instead of a lot of trim. The perfect style for those who love lolita but who want a more subdued look.