The film review of Lolita


Lolita,light of my life,fire of my loins,My sin,my souls.

Maybe till now the film “Lolita” could not be understand by some people, same like the lolita‘s legs flewing up are considered to be indecent. So there always have someone think she is one libertine woman, actually, she is just one child, one precocious girl, as the leading actor said, she is one elfin, she did not know how sexy she was. Actually, it is exaggerated that use the word “sexy” to one teens girl, but in the leading actor’s eyes, she is more charming than other mature and sexy woman. Maybe in the normal man’s eyes, the leading actor is one madman, even one abnormal, but as i see, it is understandable, because in everyone childhood memory, threre have something could affect today’s action, he was just so infatuated with his puppy, too love to crazy, and finally he drifted his way.

In my eyes, Humbert is one pathetic man, in the film, when lolita appeared, Humbert was captured by her. One impressive scene is that he said “so beautiful” soulful when he saw lolita dropping on the grass with watching the pictorial and was sprayed by the water, at that time, i think this is really love. That is pity that he did not drive her, lolita know Humbert love her, so she is determined to tempt him. Of course, Humbert still trapped in the abyss, but lolita also hate him, or she hate him killed her mother indirectly, or hate him stain her pure. Lolita, is not a good child, she want to run away, but at the same time, she can’t do without his money, so both lolita and Humbert are very painful. Finally, the lolita leave Humbert, this heartbreaking man began one new journey, for that he could see his lolita once again.

Maybe there is no one predict that she was one little woman when Humbert saw her again. I am so surprised that Humbert is so calm, he just leave one sum of money, then leave again. When he turned toward her, her changed to the initial lolita, that girl dancing and circle like a child. He smiled and said, he knew, that is his lolita, his devoted, and his hopeless love.

He killed the writer that lolita love. The reason why he killed that man, is not only the envy, more is for that the writer did not love lolita. Finally, the movie go back to prime, the man drive that old car absentminded, and hold the lolita’s black hairpin, sames like the lolita is around him, those time with lolita could said be the beautiful memory in his life. The most touching scene is that when the police chase him to the mountaintop, he saw the downhill quietly, “I stood listening to that musical vibration from my lofty slope, to those flashes of separate cries with a kind of demure murmur for background, and then I knew that the hopelessly poignant thing was not Lolita’s absence from my side, but the absence of her voice from that concord.”

The ending is not beyond my calculation, Humbert died for the coronary thrombosis before the court, and lolita died for the difficult labour. Finally, all these came to calm.