The best Collocations of classic lolita dress

classic lolita

For many fans, they know very well about of the history of lolita dress, and the spread of lolita dress. But I think different people may have different thoughts about it., as me, I relize lolita and the lolita fashion just a while back, so maybe my opinions are very childish, so here, I want to more friends could join me and talk about your dreaming lolita dress.

The classic lolita dress: simple elegant making up, natural making up, the soft brocade and small full-thickness lace.

What I said before is the main character about classic lolita dress. It is have the sweet and cozy feeling, these inlay of lace, design the lolita dress based on the french the Rococo and england Victoria times, seems like the doll dress and the western court dress. When the girls wearing it, thet will be seemed as the princess, own the classic and dreamy gougeous. In the details, the classic adopt a slew of lotus leaf fold, match the sleeve line and floral patterns, it have one delicate modernity. The adoption of lace could give people one luxurious and grand feelings, and if you don’t like this, you could also choose the soft and gloss brocade, these fabric match a little part of lace, could show your wonderful figure.

Combine the summer’s long dress and the winner’s overcoat will express the lolita fashion. Of course, not everyone could accept these vanguard costume. The yellow cotton long dress with circle image, with the short cloak wool overcoat, it would show the nostalgic tinge. The red pattern on the black scarf is very unique, and the shoes also inject the vintage feeling.

So what I want to recommend is the cotton long dress and match the wool cloak coat.

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