The costume style of Reiner Rubin

As i mentioned that the girls’ wearing of Rozen Maiden are very special and gorgeous, such as the Mercury Lampe wearing the gothic lolita dress, and the Kanarienvogel wearing the sweet lolita style clothing. Today, let’s talk about the Reiner Rubin’s costume style. The people who saw this cartoon must know that the Reiner Rubin is the first appeared character, she is the fifth doll. Just in the picture we know that Reiner Rubin is very noble and beautiful, yes, she is. She have one blue almond eyes, two horsetail long to floor, and wearing the eye-catching red dress.

Just from the information, Reiner Rubin’s costume is the queen style of ninth century, also could called be the Victorian costume style. We know that our present lolita dress is originate from the Victoria era costume style and Rococo style, as the the times going, it also add the modern elements, both the designs and the fabrics.

Such as Reiner Rubin it adopt many classic elements, in the collor, it use the popular stand up collar of that period, ad similarly, it also use the mutton sleeves, so this dress is very suit Reiner Rubin’s elegant and noble characteristics. Just as i mentioned the lolita dress is also derived from the victoria era costume, so we could found that now many lolita dress is adopt the traditional styles or designs, the Reiner Rubin’s dress is not the Victoria style completely, in details, it not as so complex as traditional styles. So it is more in favor of the modern lolita dress, at the same time, the red headwear that Reiner Rubin wearing is one very popular and common lolita accessory, many girls wearing such accessory to make their costume more gorgeous and unique.

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