The princess live in true life—–the lolita model

Lily Cole

Lily Cole is called the lolita in fashin industry, her face mixing the classic and naive and seems like the exquisite porcelain doll. Alough she is nearly twenty years old, she seemed like 14 or 15 years old. Lily was hailed as new Kate Moss, and she is one of the most popular model in Unite Kindom. Lily have one round face, big eyes and red hair, make people impressiveness. Soon after her debut, she become the cosmetic advertising spokespersom of MOSCHINO JEAN、HERMES and ANNA SUI, and she attend the MARC JACOBS and KARL LAGERFELD appreciate, select her as the lead model. Lily Cole was hot began 2003, the famous photographer Steven Meisel obsessed by her long leg, china-doll’s skin, and her gorgeous face. The first group photoes shoot by him become the amazing work of Italy Vogue. At that time, no one knows, Lily Cole was leading the lolita fashion stealthily.

Gemma Ward

I think there is no need to discribe her to much, now she is so popular around the world. She is the australia young girl model. She take one fantasy, naive and fresh temperament, just like a doll, or in other words, she is like the lolita who stealing food, fill out of childishness.

Parada produce many famous model, but no one’s style is so fit her brand “Miumiu” except Gemma Ward. In fashion industry, people often play joke that, parada is so “selfishness”, take all the good ideas to her second level brand which named as her petname, so in her “Miumiu”, she could show her childishness to her hearts content, express all her shiny design. And this brand is seems like creat for Gemma Ward, with the dreaming, young girl’s pureness. Gemma also said her favorite brand is “Miumiu”, she said, “it is my favorite, maybe you could not see, it is yong, pure but also have the impact.”


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