Usual Lolita Style Summarize

gothic lolita styleGothic Lolita
Western Goth style (e.g. crucifixes, cameos, veils, velvet etc) is teamed with Sweet Lolita. Though Gothic Lolita make a similar silhouette to Sweet Lolitas, (full skirts and tight bodices), the colour schemes are different. Most outfits are black and white, although some wear other dark colours, for example red or purple. Many carry parasols or coffin-shaped bags and the look can range from being very Gothic (like a dead china doll) to a Sweet Lolita in a black outfit.
Make-up is often slightly heavier, with darker eyes and lips.Gothic Lolita clothing is not as difficult to find in the UK – Camden Town in London has some lolita shops and “Alt” shops often stock items.

sweet lolita style

Sweet Lolita
This is most popular in Japan and is the original lolita style. Outfits are heavily trimmed with lace, pleats or other intricate details and are almost always in bright or pastel colours – baby pink, baby blue and white are often seen.

Sweet Lolita often dress around a theme, for example the colours of cupcakes or fruit. For example: A strawberry-themed outfit might be a white dress with a strawberry pattern and lace around the collar, a straw hat and strawberry shaped accessories.

Hair is usually worn in ringlets or bunches, or a wig matching the outfit and make-up is usually minimal, for a young innocent look. Mary-Jane shoes with very high platforms are popular and Demonia (available in the UK) do a wide selection.

Punk Lolita
The difference between Punk/Alt and Punk/Alt Lolita is that the latter is very, very cute. Spikes, chains, fishnet, plaid, tartan, Doc Martens etc. are combined with a full skirt or bloomers and a lot of Sweet Lolita accessories.

An example of a Punk Lolita could be: Pink plaid bloomers, with a pink lacy top, pink and white Doc Martens with spikes attached and white lace accessories e.g. a choker and wristband with pink spikes. Big chunky boots work better than Mary Janes here and make-up can be heavy or totally natural.

This is a good style for people who are already alternative, as you could customise some of the clothes or accessories in your wardrobe.

classic lolita

Classic Lolita
Classic lolita is a slightly more mature version of lolita. It’s not quite aristo because the loli silhouette is still present, but there are fewer frills and it’s a lot less cutesy. Generally classic pieces are decorated with a few self-ruffles or some ribbons, but you won’t find yourself swimming in lace and large bows. Classic lolis tend to wear darker or more muted colors (as opposed to bright pink or blue) and floral prints are common as well but aren’t required for a classic outfit. What makes this style harder to distinguish is that it is right between sweet and gothic lolita – the dark reds and blues and even blacks can be confused for gothic style while the light florals make it look like sweet. What separates it from both is that it relies on an elegant cut or print instead of a lot of trim. The perfect style for those who love lolita but who want a more subdued look.

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